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Thread: Can someone please confirm fitting size on Profitec Pro 700 hose ?

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    Can someone please confirm fitting size on Profitec Pro 700 hose ?

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    Plumbing in my machine and I want to connect a 6mm (1/4") hose to the braided stainless steel hose that comes with the machine. I think it is a 3/8 BSP ??

    Can anyone please confirm ? I can't seem to find the fitting anyway...


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    I reckon Charlie at JetBlack Espresso could help you out with that...


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    Discussion thread on Plumbing in Profitec 700 mentions fittings -

    Plumbing-in requirements for Espresso machine (reference to domestic also) -

    Filter related -

    3/8"x1/4" reducing Hex Nipple (if suitable) -
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    I am in Canada and having the same issue trying to plumb in my Pro 700.

    The braided stainless steel hose that came with my machine is 3/8 BSPT. That T at the end is important and stands for Tapered threads. Note this is NOT compatible with BSPP - P for Parallel threads. BSPP is common on water filters such as Bestmax and will not connect without an adaptor.

    The other end of the hose, connect to the machine no problem, but I have no idea what type of thread it is. A parts list for the Pro 700 says 1/4" and that is all. It does not fit a standard 1/4" refrigerator line here in Canada, so I assume it is 1/4" BSP T or P.

    I have seen some people suggest that you can force fit a 3/8 NPTF (National Pipe Thread FINE) onto a BSPT fitting, but use enough Teflon tape to prevent leaks. I have never tried this and don't plan to.

    Almost impossible to find BSPT or BSPP adaptors here in Canada! I am at the point of thinking of changing the plumbing fitting for the water hook up on the Pro 700 to something useable in Canada.

    Side note: Keep an eye on your E61 brew lever on the Pro 700. Mine started falling down, mid brew, after about 2 months of use! Apparently this is a known problem and will require a complete new brew head to resolve.

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