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Thread: Faema E98 S1 Compact pump not engaging

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    Faema E98 S1 Compact pump not engaging

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    Hi Guys,
    Thanks in advance for taking the time in reading this post & suggestions you guys might have I rectifying my “Faema E98 S1 Compact”. Firstly I’m no mechanic. But I’m quite good with my hands, I feel confident that I can do most repairs on the espresso machine, that require just replacing parts.

    Purchased second hand machine last weekend. Worked fine. But before I could descale the machine, the pump has stopped pumping water, either through the group heat, and the hot water outlet, the pump does not engage at all when pressing the boiler load button (listed as “6” in the manual) or turning the coffee dispensing nob(2) . Both tank & boiler are full. The espresso machines comes up to temperature & have full Steam coming out through the steamer.

    I tried removing both hoses from the reservoir tank to see if the pump would engage, No Change.
    I’m not sure if this is a vibrating pump or a commercial machine transfer pump. Could this be a solenoid or pump issue. If so how can I diagnose the issues and which parts do I need to replace.

    This YouTube link has similar issues to mine, But as stated above when I depress the Boiler Load Button or the shot switch no pump engaged, and no water was dispensed.

    Thanks kindly.
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