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Thread: Office machine - Cart

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    Office machine - Cart

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My father passed away early this year and I have decided to take over his business rather than sell it. The business sells and services office equipment (photocopiers/ printers and document solutions). One aspect Iím going to implement is a front of house coffee cart.

    Reason being is two fold - great coffee for me and my employees and secondly a marketing strategy for our exisiting clients. To get to know our clients as they often come through to pick up toners etc. having the coffee machine will help me get to know everyone.

    Iím looking at the following as whilst I will make the most of coffees as Iíd like to make the staff one every morning (5 employees) we will train everyone so they can make theirs/customers required.

    For this reason I want the set up to be as easy as possible and given we have no plumbing at the front showroom section itís going to be a semi permanent cart style using flojet.

    Equipment Iím currently looking at

    Gs3 av- wanting a volumetric machine so itís just button pressing. Will get dan specht or someone for some custom work on it

    Mythos 2 gravitech - I know itís expensive but again itís a weight grinder.

    Puqpress - thinking of the m2 which goes under the Mythos but it would be 70cm tall so tempted to get one of the freestanding models which is also cheaper. Gs3 is 40cm with cups on it approx. grinder is 52cm and the under grinder puqpress is 17cm so machine to grinder/puqpress combo would be 40cm to 70cm which I feel might be too much.

    With the cart, not sure if there are already made ones but I know a metal fabricator so could easily get designed and built for my requirements.

    Being new to making this work for a business I wanted to see if anyone has any tips/advice etc for me to undertake this.

    Itís probably going to be a 20k investment but Iím comfortable with that and I have a Linea mini/atom at home.

    With making the coffees I would think we would make at maximum 20 coffees a day Monday to Friday.

    Is there any other machines or systems people could recommend etc?

    Below are just a general idea of the cart style/structure

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    Rusty, great plan and I think your clients may make now want to be the person picking up the toner. Nice marketing idea

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    Also I think it shows that you care about your employees and clients which is missing in a lot of businesses these days unfortunately.
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