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Thread: Dis-assembling Carimali Uno E

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    Dis-assembling Carimali Uno E

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    I am starting on a tuneup of my recently purchased Uno. I have 2 manuals and none explain how to get into the thing.
    I found a knurled nob front high by the steamer/water. A pin and slide low down centre on the frame. I can flex the side in and out but not dislodge it from the back.
    I dont want to break the thing, can anyone explain how,if the sides come off one at a time. How do they disconnect at the back.

    Thanks. steve

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    Re: Dis-assembling Carimali Uno E

    Hi Steve. If youre able to post some pics Im sure someone here will be able to help.

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    Re: Dis-assembling Carimali Uno E

    I cant say for sure your model will be the same as mine, as the design has changed over the years.
    But for my Uno, to remove the panels you:

    Start at the top and take out the plastic slats that your cups rest on, revealing a metal plate which may or may not be screwed in place. Remove this, and unscrew the cover of the top of the rear panel.

    Under this cover there are two holsters for prongs mounted to the side panels, these can be slid out, freeing the prongs.

    Now to remove both side panels you have to loosen two large circular nuts on both sides of the front frame (about the height of the group) which fasten another two threaded prongs into the frame.

    At the bottom of each panel there is a very large prong that fits into the frame, which can be locked into place with a sliding lock, obviously you must unlock each side before pulling off each panel.

    I hope this at least gives you an idea of where to start. Remember that the most important thing is to TAKE YOUR TIME. Look closely and carefully study the structure of the machine.. parts arent always readily available so you really do not want to mistakenly damage anything!

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