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Thread: Help with Expobar megacrem flush/descale (brisbane)

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    Help with Expobar megacrem flush/descale (brisbane)

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    we've picked up a second hand expobar megacrem 2GRP for our office which came with a variety of problems which we're currently working through. We have identified a failed pump (but the motor looks good!) due to scale build up, I have a replacement on it's way - I think I'm going to need some help flushing and descaling the entire system - has anyone had some experience in Brisbane with this that wouldn't mind lending a hand with this part of the process? Note: we don't have a pump installed at the moment while we wait for a replacement.


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    Dave Im n Brisbane.
    Look up first the sticky thread in 'Brewing Equipment - Pointy End' from Chris - TC.
    Explaining the the key points of descaling a HX machine.

    Note these HX have a very fine Gicleur installed in the brew path at the GH.
    Also the flow meter can be an issue if free radical scale particles remain in the lines.


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