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Thread: Boema Commercail 15 amp Machine

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    Boema Commercail 15 amp Machine

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    Hello all

    This is my first post in the forum, just joined. I am in SA and have dabbled in various types of coffee making devices over the years - Presso, Rancillio Silvia with a Rocky grinder, Lavazza pod machine and the trusty old French press. My Mum has a coffee machine in her garage which I am thinking about setting up She got it from a pizza shop closure and had thought about setting it up in her salon. This never happened and it seems a shame to have it sitting dormant in her shed.

    It is a BoEma A2v 15amp unit which looks as though it was a twin group head but converted back to a single unit. I am unsure of the age of the unit and not even sure if it powers up. It looks as though it feeds from an external container and it also has a cable which I thought may be an Earth (?). Does anyone have any experience with these units or similar, and is it worth trying to resurrect? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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