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Thread: Vibiemme super resto ... troubleshooting..

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    Vibiemme super resto ... troubleshooting..

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    Hi, wonder if someone might be able to help troubleshoot an issue with this vbm “super” (actually more like the junior hx - it’s an older New Zealand model rather than the super I’ve seen). A friend gave it too me after it was partly crushed in a move. I’ve had the frame repaired, pulled it apart and put it back together - now just need to make it work!

    Essentially, at first I powered on the machine and the heating element didn’t power on. Bypassed the safety thermostat and it powers on (however the element on lamp doesn’t work). Now once it’s on it just seems to keep on and not shut off - the pressure builds to 4+ bar and then I turn off the power.

    Here’s the thing, I thought it must be the pressurestat, so had a play with that. It seems to click on and off (when the machine is cold) by adjusting the set screw as you would expect, and I’ve checked it is acting as a switch by measuring the resistance with my multimeter. However even when it is off the element powers on. To confirm I completely disconnected the pressurestat from power and the element still powers on!

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Could it be a problem with the solid state relay? Not sure how to test this.

    Will post some pics shortly..

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    There's an Electrical schematic in the back of this manual if that's of any use?

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    Quote Originally Posted by badey112 View Post
    Could it be a problem with the solid state relay? Not sure how to test this.
    It is possible that the SSR has failed.

    With the power off and the power plug removed, disconnect the INPUT cables on the SSR. Power back up and see if the boiler switches back on - It shouldn't - If it does power the boiler back up, then the SSR has indeed failed and needs replacement.

    Quite apart from this, I would recommend that you engage the services of a licensed sparky to thoroughly check out the entire wiring system and overall safety of the unit, given that it has been subjected to trauma. This should be a priority...

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