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Thread: Rocket Giotto Evo - cam shaft grinding on cam pin?

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    Rocket Giotto Evo - cam shaft grinding on cam pin?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Wondering if anyone has come across this before on an e61...
    I'm getting some very noticeable metal on metal grinding between the cam shaft and the cam pin (red arrow) in the 2nd half of the travel of the brew lever to the brew position
    Noticeable as in you have to put quite a bit of force on the lever to get it into the brew position
    No problem with the microswitch it's moving freely
    I'm assuming that cam pin is in there to stop the cam shaft moving around laterally?


    After a backflush and lubricate it goes away, but as you'd expect it only lasts for a week or so

    My relatively uneducated guess is there's just some general wear in and around the moving parts which is allowing movement that shouldn't be there
    If anyone has dealt with this before, can you remember what solved the problem?
    My guess is do a general service and replace:
    - upper/lower valves
    - all of the o-rings/gaskets for the valves and the cam shaft
    That was last done around 2 years ago, making anywhere from 10-20 coffees a week. Machine is probably 7ish years old

    Also wondering if I should look at replacing:
    - the cam shaft?
    - the cam pin?
    - the springs for the valves?

    TIA for any advice

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    The top and bottom pins are definitly worn. It could be worth replacing them.
    Im not sure how worn they can get before they will cause issues like this
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    At 7 years, it well and truly deserves a birthday. Replace the cam, all valves and the leva cam seals and use food grade lube to attend to all moving surfaces. Clean the dispersion block (replace if required) and replace the shower and group seal if it's been a while.

    The valve pins often have a little "pimple" on them and I use wet/dry to remove that and get them properly smooth.

    Pull everything down and lubricate it every 6 months and you will go a long time before it's time to replace anything but seals again. You won't get much more than 2 years out of the valve seals.
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    Thanks for the replies.
    Pretty much what I suspected.

    Will look into giving it a good overhaul.
    Looks about $100 - $200 in parts if you include bigger stuff like a new cam shaft, valve assemblies, springs and so on

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