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Thread: Caramali uno e  pump not working

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    Caramali uno e  pump not working

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    after a year away we set the machine up and started the baby up to make a couple of cups to celebrate our return home but after reaching the desired pressure, and pushing the button for a double shot ,it just oozzzzed out and Im not sure I heard the pump. we live out in the sticks so no ability to just wip down to the local espresso bar for a quick shot, its serious. any ideas what the problem is? and how to fix it, any help much appreciated, if we survive

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    Re: Caramali uno e *pump not working

    Not familiar with the model however it would help if you can advise if the machine has a vibrating solenoid OR impeller water pump.

    Either way the pump is most probably seized due to long inactivity.

    That does not mean the pump is not recoverable, but method will vary depending on the type of pump noted above.

    Of course, it may not be recoverable but you will not know until you try.

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    Re: Caramali uno e  pump not working


    As Curmudgeon mentioned, the pump is probably frozen from inactivity.

    The first and easiest thing to try is to remove the pump from the motor and lines. If its a rotary pump, the shaft is most likely like that in the below pic. Use a shifter on the shaft and try to rotate it until its free enough to turn by hand. If you can get to that point and you intend to use the machine regularly again, it should be O.K. If it doesnt free up, or it keeps seizing, the next step would be to attempt to descale with an organic acid such as citric or tartaric acid.

    But try to free it up just by rotating first, its eay enough to try.....has it seen a lot of use?


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    Re: Caramali uno e  pump not working

    I mostly agree with what phil has suggested, however Id remove the pump and try turn the shaft using only a small amount of force (ie. you may only want to use your hand) and if you find its too tough to turn without excessive force, you could then soak it in some citric acid or similar acidic solution to dissolve any calcium build up that may have caused the seizure.

    Hopefully after doing this you should find it turns a lot more easily.

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