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Thread: Draining Brasilia Gradisca

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    Draining Brasilia Gradisca

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    Hi guys,

    I need to move our Brasilia Gradisca 2 group from the shop as we have to close down business. :(
    Can anyone let me know how to drain the boiler so that it is easier to lift and transport?


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    Re: Draining Brasilia Gradisca


    There is a drain plug underneath on the boiler and also a copper pipe laeding into the sight glass, undo pipe on boiler side and also undo drain plug, but rember to remove all of the preasure in the boiler by opening the steam valve before touching anything VERY IMPORTANT unless you will get burnt, It would be good to not use machine for a day before so the water in the boiler is not so hot and therefore easier to drain.

    There will be buildup in the boiler which may block the drain, just stick a piece of wire to move it.

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