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Thread: Boema single group not plumbed in

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    Boema single group not plumbed in

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    I have just bought a Boema Single group but I didnt realise that I needed to have it plumbed in. I am at the start of the process of building a new house so I can organise for there but dont want to make a hole in the bench where we are at the moment.

    I think that I have read somewhere that I can run the water in pipe from a bucket or something as it has a pump and put the water out in another bucket or a sink. Is this right? Are there any other options?

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    Re: Boema single group not plumbed in

    Hi Astro

    It depends if the pump is a self priming pump
    If so then itís possible
    If the pump is not self priming it requires mains pressure

    Others may know more on this but I based my answer on pumps in general


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    Re: Boema single group not plumbed in


    Yep, if its got a procon pump it can draw from a container.... and the waste can also be drained into a container.....

    But these are usually done via a hole in the bench..... the same size as if it were plumbed in (or you have messy hoses visible on the outside...)

    Also not having mains feed will affect pre-infusion on these machines..... and there is a much larger volume of waste water (cooling flushes)..... so larger waste container and more frequent emptying.

    Whilst you can "get away without" plumbing them in.... believe me for convenience alone - it is WELL worth it!!

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