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Thread: Rancilio S24 - single group commercial machine

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    Rancilio S24 - single group commercial machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well after a bit of too-ing and fro-ing between my self and the person I bought the machine off, this little beauty is now up and running, albeit in my mates place in Brighton (dont ask) - and the machine seems to be working a charm!

    The internals look spotless, even if the outside of the machine needs a bit of a polish, and the 3.9Lt boiler means that its got plenty of omph!

    Does anyone else have experience with these machines and do they have any highlights / pitfalls that they would like to recommend?



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    Re: Rancilio S24 - single group commercial machine

    Hi Pat,
    I have the s27 version that Ive been using for the past year or so.
    Nothing too major to report.
    I run mine at just over 1 bar on the pressurestat which seems to be the sweet spot with the beans I tend to use the most while still giving me enough grunt in steaming.
    I have the 3 hole tip but am thinking of trying a 4 hole - but Im not dissatisfied with the milk Im getting now.

    Conductive brew head is similar setup to Silivia - so all same things apply re: temp control etc - but I feel they dont overheat as much as some e61HX if left idle for long periods. I tend to flush around 80ml (programmed button) then lock and extract.

    I have a slightly recalcitrant hot water switch that needs looking at - but apart from that - no problems to report. I backflush and clean regularly - but I should get around to a descale.

    I have the manual if you want it.
    3Meg email attachment.

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