Gday Guys, Ive just finished rebuilding a Bezzera BZ-40E and, after a total strip down to bare chassis, am mighty impressed with the machine and the construction. The only thing thats been catching me out is steaming the milk. In the rebuild I changed the steam wand from a pivoting to ball-jointed one, and in the process from a 4 hole to 3 hole tip. Nevertheless since Im normally only steaming a miniscule amount of milk for myself, even the 3 hole is hard work ... the whole process lasts about as long as my sex life ;) Oops, can I say that here?

Anyway I did the old toothpick in the holes trick and its much easier, maybe even a bit too much with just one remaining hole. I dont think the tooth picks are particularly hygienic in the long-term so I think Ill machine some new tips from brass and just screw on the appropriate one depending on what Im doing ie will make one with one hole and another with two holes. However I dont have an appropriate tap size, as its not metric, so presume some form of pipe thread. Does anyone know what the thread is on this machine? Ill probably also make them without spanner flats as they seem to capture the old milk like a magnet. Just install them finger tight and remove with padded pliers.