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Thread: Rancilio omicron Z11 rebuild

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    Rancilio omicron Z11 rebuild

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    Hi There
    New to coffee snobs, recently purchased an old Rancilio Z11 omicron 3grp which I am planning to spend a little time getting to know. Not sure if this "Extreme Machines" is the correct forum for this one.... but I guess it was an extreme machine once upon a time??

    I am just about to start pulling this thing apart and have only been fiddling with it until now... I havent started it up yet. I was told it was set to run on 20amps but I understand the heating elements can be rewired to run on 7amps , looks reasonably straightforward once I took the side off the machine... any hints on this anyone? It looks as if I van simply disconnect a couple of elements slap on a 10 amp plug and see what happens????

    I also need some advice on a pump and wiring up the pump... I currently have a bare cord coming out of the machine that I assume is some sort of volume switch to run the pump??

    I understand there area few of you with these rancilios and i would love to hear from you especially if you have done a bit of a rebuild yourself?

    Cheers Ian

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    Re: Rancilio omicron Z11 rebuild

    Hi Ian,

    correct area first of all and welcome :)

    Providing the volume is not to high dropping an element wont be the end of the world. If you are planning on keeping it best to get a specific 15A outlet behind where it is going to go (or get a sparky to see what is needed to upgrade your powerpoint).

    You will need a pump and motor combo generally Procon or another similar Rotary Vane Pump. New motor and Reco pumps are around $300 from the Procon importer or one of the sponsors here may be able to help out with one.

    If it is wired the same as my Z9 then you just plug the pump into the outlet prime the pump with water and off you go. The internal electronics on your machine will keep the boiler to the correct level providing they are not caked up with crud ;)

    As to internal rebuilding mine is only at naked body stage at present due to a lack of time.

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    Re: Rancilio omicron Z11 rebuild

    Thanks "beanflying" for that advice. I dont think I will be doing a "total" rebuild but I will at least have a look in the boiler and clean it out and replace the seals at the same time.

    I will probably rewire the element to use only one of the three and wire to a ten amp plug and see how it goes, I guess if it works Ill be happy, but if I am not happy with the performance I shall rewire to use two of the elements and upgrade my supply.

    It would be great to hear how yours comes along when you get back to it, as I assume the Z9 probably has similar internals and issues as the Z11

    Cheers Ian

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