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Thread: impress coffee brewer - my experience

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    impress coffee brewer - my experience

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    the kickstarter impress brewer a couple months ago finally arrived last night and i thought i'd share my experience! first impression was that it was a very solid piece of metal - comforting knowing my destructive habits with anything portable. but separating the inner piece from the outer i looked at the rubber seal and had a concern about how they've stuck the rubber piece down to the inner piece in a way that does not seem replaceable...
    the filter looks great with nicely sized holes - similar to the able disk? maybe a little finer? but not nearly as fine as the caffelogy mesh filter. the lid is pretty interesting - the mouth piece has a reversed opening and is placed rather far from the rim. it turned out to be quite nice to sip from while making it very difficult to spill. so kudos to the lid design!

    brew was a el salv 'los planes' and i decided to do a 21g dose and see how things go (was a little too eager to measure out some water). agitated the crust after 45 s, let it sit for another 1:15 and plunged - it was a real effort on the plunge. i dont think my grind was too fine, but I think the physics of plunging something like this might be more of a factor. will try plunging just water sometime and report back. another thing was the rim of the inner piece was pretty sharp edged, so i put the lid on it and continued to plunge which didn't actually make it much harder to push (which i initially thought would).

    after struggling for a good 30 secs, i popped off the lid and looked - the brew kept lots of crema and you could really notice the oils sitting at the top of the brew - much like with an aeropress with a metal filter. gave it quite a while to sit before i took a first sip (the suspense!) but even after a good 5 minutes i still managed to burn my lip and tip of my tongue! one thing the lid design does not work with is having a nice gradual flow either! this is testament to the insulation on the brewer though and i can see how ideal it is to plunge at home just before you head out for work all the way till you're settled at work 20-30 mins after and still having a very warm coffee. i only really started getting into the coffee 25-35 mins after brewing and it was just getting to a good temp around the 20-25 min mark and was still really enjoyable towards the end. taste wise, I don't think I have much to complain about at all! initially i thought having a bed of coffee sitting at the bottom for 20-30 mins would wreck my brew but just as andy pointed out in the previous post on the impress brewer that its similar to the bodum and if its a compressed bed of coffee, the grounds dont really get a chance to be extracted any further. bright, acidic, buttery with a tinge on caramel at the end was just what i expected from the bean and similar to an aeropress brew of the same.

    reaching the end of the cup i was a little weary of sediment.... and i didn't even notice I'd finished! only when i (and rather stupidly i might add) decided turn the whole cup on its end and gave it a big slurp did i get the last mouth of a very unpleasant grit could i get a noticeable amount of sediment in my mouth. the lid made it difficult to get a mouthful of sediment because of its orientation and i think the nature of plunging down limits the amount of sediment in the top chamber in the first place.IMAG0039.jpg

    now, imo the worst bit about the brewer. the clean up. compared to brewers like the aeropress or v60 this is quite an effort to clean up. the metal bits are all, as expected, easy to handle but the struggle was at the junction between the rubber seal and bottom of the chamber the seal is stuck onto IMAG0044.jpg. all that said my overall impression was great for this little brewer! I'm just a little worried about that rubber seal ageing over repeated use...


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    feeling like a real fool now after realizing the filter unscrews! and the gasket falls right out once you do so! =)

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    Good review Tim (you saved me from doing the same!)

    I got my Kickstarter one yesterday too and have only done a couple of brews in it.

    The design is great and it feels well made. After a good initial wash I was happy to find nearly no residual manufacturing smell (one of my pet hates with many cup designs). I'm not sure yet about the lid/lip/opening but yes it works well and might just take a while to get used to the shape. I'm sure if I lived far enough away from work it would get used every day and would quickly become "normal".

    Temperature? Yep, we found the same in testing. The initial 90C brew was really hot a long time after. That's great for something you want to drink later and even after tipping into a couple of cups it needed some time to cool. Thermal stability is great though!

    I'm happy to see they got the production off the ground and wish them all the luck in the future. They seem a really nice group of people who had an idea and have run with it. Good on 'em!

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