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Thread: Advice on Stovetop Coffee Makers

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    Advice on Stovetop Coffee Makers

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    After hearing good things about them, I'm looking into buying a stovetop coffee maker and would appreciate suggestions - best brew and value. I've looked at a few Bialetti, Pezzetti, Alessi and Tescoma makers. I also came across a model I've never seen and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it:

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    The product looks interesting, but I haven't been able to find any other information about it. I'm reluctant to make a purchase without knowing if it can really perform. So far, I'm going back and forth between this one, the Bialetti Mukka Express and the Alessi Pina. Would really appreciate feedback.
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    Hi MrsBean & welcome to CS

    For a straight up stovetop I'd go for an aluminium one and I guess there wouldn't be much between the different brands but I've only had Bialetti.

    I've had both over the years and Maybe it's how they conduct heat but the aluminium ones seem to produce a better coffee than the stainless ones

    For a bit of fun ages ago I actually bought the Mukka Express that you are interested in (I got me the version with the glass top - that's right spared no expense)...., but I'll be frank - don't get fooled into believing it can produce cafe style Capps - more a novelty than anything else

    what about a bacchi ? - I'd be tempted if I was starting out and only needed to make 1-2 coffees a session.

    A stovetop that steams milk too ? Then you're in Otto or La Sorrentina or Bellman territory (had my Bellman for over 15 years) although although These days I only pull out one of my Stovetops or Aeropress and the bellman for steam when camping

    Hope this helps

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    I bought a bialetti Moka Crystal thing a year or so ago, I like it, aluminium base with a glass top, bought an aero press last week and not sure I don't like the stovetop coffee better

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    Well as a true stovetop espresso, you've either got the Bacchi or the Otto 'the little guy'- depending on whether you want steamed milk or not?
    I used a cheap camping store aluminium coffee maker for a few years, which was definately a giant leap above 'instant'... But not a patch on what I use now.
    Whilst not a 'stovetop'... I use a HC Rossa (Portapress) and this, with practice, can deliver stunning espresso. I also run this with a Pharos Grinder, which is a match made in heaven, but then it depends on just how far you want to 'stretch the envelope'...
    As another alternative I have a Bodum Pebo- or coffee siphon. My kids call this my 'Coffee Bong'. It really looks like two glass fishbowls doing the 'Funky-Thing'. More so when you pull them apart.....This is a genuine stovetop coffee maker, that makes a long black that is much smoother than equivalent espresso's ( same bean- coarser grind). The flavour is still there, but with a more mellow, crystal clear flavour. Different, still satisfying but not as rich and condensed in flavour as an Espresso. Think French Press on steroids.
    Depends what you want?
    Bodum-Pebo = $100- + grinder
    Bacchi = $600- + grinder
    Otto = $700- + grinder
    Rossa + Pharos = $1k +

    PS don't forget to let us know what you decided and how that went for you.... More Pics....
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    I was considering a Brikka but figured I already have an Aeropress and a (Vittoria) Moka I don't use... for the once a week or so I actually make coffee at work... so probably a bit ridiculous.

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    Behmor Brazen - $249 - Free Freight
    I have an Otto - brilliant!

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