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Thread: Resting roasted beans for Syphon brewing

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    Resting roasted beans for Syphon brewing

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    Hi Guys,

    I know for espresso that in general roasted beans need to rest for at least 4 days before they start to come to life. for espresso this can mean the difference between an excellent shot and a barely palatable shot

    I have recently started syphon brewing and am trying to work out weather this rest period still applies. So far my taste testing has been inconclusive on this issue. I notice the aroma coming off the whole beans still takes a few days do develop (of course) but have not yet noticed extreme differences in the cup. In fact there are some desirable flavours that seem to go missing after some age. Keen to hear other opinions.

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    The only thing I've watched out for with a Syphon Brewer, is that if the beans are too fresh, the resulting "bloom" can get quite exciting. Tend to leave for a few days to avoid this. Also, if I'm going to be using the Syphon (thanks again TG), I try to roast accordingly, i.e. not too dark so the rest periods tend to require being a bit longer anyway.


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