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Thread: Best varietal for Aeropress

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    Best varietal for Aeropress

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    Hi everyone.

    I recently purchased an Aeropress and i have enjoyed the methods of brewing posted on here. What varietal of coffee are people using? I have tried a couple with varying degrees of success. Google whacking seems to think that south american coffees are good as they exhibit less acidity in the finished product. One of my local shops swear by a New Guinea Peaberry, not tried that yet though.

    Any advice on what is good?

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    Welcome K'36...

    Personally, I don't think it matters as to bean varietal so much. Much more to do with the quality of the beans and how well they have been roasted. I've tried pretty well every bean type I've ever bought from CS and to my palate, they all tasted great once I got the roast profile right. High quality roasted beans from CS, one of the Site Sponsors or from any of the excellent speciality roasters around the country will produce simply delectable results.

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