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Thread: New to Hario v60

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    New to Hario v60

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    Hi guys,

    I got myself a little Hario v60 1-cup this week. I'm completely new to pour-over brewing, so I'm interested in knowing other people's methodology. I'm currently using the Matt Perger pulse method, with pretty good results, but there is an absolute profusion of guides online, and I'm keen to experiment. I do have one specific question. I have noticed that general suggested brewing times are between 2 and 3 minutes. I'm assuming for continuous pour methods, this time includes the draw-down? Presumably, if you are shooting for a 2.20 brew time, you would stop pouring around 1.50 if using continuous pour?


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    What I'm currently doing is using roughly 14 grams coffee to 200 mls of water.
    Pour in around 30 mlx of water and let it sit for 30 seconds or so, this is called the bloom and lets gasses escape.
    After that, continue slowly pouring in a circular motion until around 1m20s, it should finish pouring between 2m20 - 30s.
    The great thing is it's so easy to experiment and see how it affects the taste, I've experimented by stirring part way through, etc.

    It still tastes nowhere near as good as some of the specialty cafes make, but it's not hard to make something that tastes great.

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