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Thread: The Ghetto-Cino

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    The Ghetto-Cino

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all
    Away on hol's (often a time of fear a trepidation for a snob!) but had a real win with our holiday brew method.

    Gear is an Aeropress, Lido and single cup plunger (you'll soon see ). The Aeropress and the Lido are giving me amazing short blacks, but my beautiful bride is not a fan of black or plunger, so I got experimenting.

    • Using about 22g (2.5 coffee scoops) espresso roasted beans, ground on notch 12 on the Lido (2 coarser that espresso - so still quite fine).
    • Inverted A/P method, adjust to 2.5 and fill with boiling water. Transfer to mug to knock back water temp and warm mug.
    • Coffee in (give a bit more room in the A/P to stop overflowing) then return water. Stir for about 20secs - plunger back into mug which is about 1/3 full now.
    • Heat half plunger worth of milk or soy (what we use) in microwave (or billy if camping) and froth vigorously with the plunger piston. Into milk - split between a second mug for a good size flat white

    Now, both my wife and I are pretty fussy – and these are by far the best 'away' home holiday brews we've managed yet, and in all honestly beat many of the 'cafes' we experiment with in desperation. Really not too far off the machine at home.

    So well worth a try!
    Happy brewing!
    Cheers Matt

    PS just past an amazing looking espresso bar in Nowra (but couldn't stop unfortunately) which had 2-3 great looking multi-group lever machine almost out on the street - have to chase that one up for next trip!

    Found it: Hyper Hyper Coffee - what a setup!!3e2!6m1!1e1
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    Sounds like you've nailed it, Matt. Happy holiday to you both.
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    Yep, the missus and I went to that place in Nowra about 12 months ago on our way through. Lovely espresso on beautiful retro Faema lever machines
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