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Thread: Help please - La Sorrentina (Atomic) water knob thread gone.

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    Help please - La Sorrentina (Atomic) water knob thread gone.

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    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone with a La Sorrentina or Atomic or any machine really especially aluminium has had experience with a threaded water pressure knob.
    Mine felt strange over the last couple of weeks and now won't take the thread at all unless there is no washer and then of course it doesn't work.

    Has anyone had an easy fix?

    Otherwise I'm thinking tap a new thread and use a larger threaded water knob or alternatively try and insert a sleeve and then tap the same size thread.

    Will be grateful for any suggestions.


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    Have you tried plumbers tape? That might be a temporary solution. I'm not sure if there are various types of tape but you would want one that can withstand temps of possibly more than 100 degrees C

    Of course, you can also buy a new water knob (eg from Coffee Parts). Are you sure it's the female thread that's worn?

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