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Thread: ROK coffee press

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    ROK coffee press

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    Hello coffee drink enjoyers!
    Just away with the caravan for the weekend,interested in people's opinions about these gadgets.
    I have a small Gaggia burr grinder together with a milk frother,haven't tried this setup before,I'm quite surprised with the result,not exactly the same standard produced at home but nevertheless very flavoursome,simple to operate/clean.I will need to upgrade the supplied tamper for a more consistent flow.
    Anyway this little outfit suits so far,time will tell I suppose.
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    Hi Mick

    Great little setup - my coffee journey started with a Presso (as ROKs used to be called) and a Bellman steamer. Making the morning coffee took a little while, but was worth the effort!


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    Ponders aloud.... Does a Presso count as (part of) upgraditis?

    I can just see this sitting on the bench.

    Great set-up, Mike. Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

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