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Thread: Italian stovetop makers going out of business getting seals

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    Italian stovetop makers going out of business getting seals

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    Im just about to buy a 4-cup stovetop coffee maker (posted a separate thread). I wanted an Italian made pot but it seems the manufacturers are all going out of business. So I'm concerned about getting replacement seals.

    e.g. One Im looking at is the Stella Aroma. Not because I love the design or anything, but because I can get one locally in Adelaide. I hear that Stella have gone bust. If I get it I guess Ill buy a few spare seals initially to get me through.

    How long does a seal usually last? I wont be using daily, as this will just be a backup / travel pot.

    Will third party seals be available? Is it likely a seal for a different pot will fit, or be able to be trimmed down to fit?

    Seems a shame to buy a pot that should last a long time knowing that it may become useless if I cant get a seal.

    I would get a cheaper Chinese made one, like a Bialetti, but prefer a metal handle as it should be more durable.

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    Can't say for sure, may be 6 months to a year of daily use. Haven't kept track
    So far never used original manufacturer replacement seals. Always third party.
    Sizes vary between mokapot brands. Different widths and depths.
    Can't see why third party producers will stop making them They're pretty simple and there are a lot of pots out there.

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    You would easily get O rings at any bearing shop to fit.

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    We make coffee daily in ours, 2 years now and the deal could probably do with replacing, however still works fine. If you buy 3 spares, I doubt you'll use them all if only making coffee in it occasionally.

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