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Thread: ROK vs Rossa

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    ROK vs Rossa

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    Hey all,

    I tried searching for this subject - but got no results so forgive me if this is a repost of an old topic (feel free to re-direct me to older posts on the subject).

    I've been using the ROK/Presso daily for the past 5 years and am reasonably happy with the results I've been getting. I dose to 24g and pour double-shots. My grinder is a Capresso burr grinder. I get fairly consistent shots with good crema. My biggest complaints with the ROK are first: durability - I have to replace the piston and/or pressure chamber at least once or twice per year, as they shatter (often catastrophically) frequently (I've actually taken to covering the machine with a dishtowel to keep from getting splashed with the inevitable scalding blowback, ah the things we do for coffee!). Second: no pressure profiling. It was during a recent search for a solution to this second problem that I came across a you-tube video of the Rossa HC-P in action, and I'm now considering a purchase. That same search led me to this forum and so here I am, fellow snobs - and I'm looking for your opinions. In particular I'm interested in hearing from people who have used both the ROK/Presso and the Rossa - and most particularly from those who, like myself, have gotten good consistent results from their ROK. How do they compare? How does the end product compare?

    Also a request: I understand that passions can be high about our favorite subject, but I'd appreciate it if we could keep the discussion to dispassionate comparisons, please. I don't have much stomach for flaming - so please don't go out of your way to just trash one device or the other. I have good evidence that both machines can produce good espresso - so I'm not really up for re-hashing that particular conversation, thanks. I'm more interested in experiential and/or empirical comparisons from people who have had good success using both machines.

    Thanks again, and cheers!


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    While I have used both the ROK and the Rossa, I was never able to get consistently good results from the ROK. I accept that this was possibly due to the grinder I was using (porlex) or something else I wasn't doing quite right, but my Rossa experience has been completely different. The ROK has been sitting in its container in a cupboard since I got my Rossa.

    I have a Rossa PG paired with a Rosco grinder. Both have been used daily in all sorts of conditions at home and when camping for the last 3+ years - a pretty good indication of how happy I am with the coffee I get from this combination.

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    Welcome to CS

    I have used all the Rok, Rossa HC(Hand Crank) with pressure gauge adapter, and Rossa PG(pressurized air version) that you mentioned. I have also used an impressive American-made Espresso Forge which wasn't in your list. I now have a Rossa PG, that should say something about my pick. Worth noting the Rossa PG I have now is the not the same unit I owned initially (I sold my first one so I could try out different devices for evaluation, and eventually found that my experience was best with Rossa PG and it suits my expectation best) In short, Rossa PG was my pick as it was the most consistent, relatively easy to use, mess free process & clean up, and of course the great shot quality.

    Quote Originally Posted by landodafree View Post
    My biggest complaints with the ROK are first: durability
    That was one glaring weakness with Rok I've found. Aluminium+moisture/water = corrosion. Check around the plastic chamber, you will more than likely find some white dusts/spots - those are aluminium oxide from moisture that you can't dry after use. Plastic + hot water + high pressure = bad recipe.

    Shot quality wise, it was okay/acceptable but not as consistent as I would like. Once you got over the learning curve, you could get more hit than misses, but you still get some misses. At its best, the shot is still not as good as an actual Italian espresso machine (E61 and the like). I am evaluating based on flavors and not crema alone.

    Quote Originally Posted by landodafree View Post
    Second: no pressure profiling.
    Pressure profiling is nice to have. But it's not crucial. Knowing you have achieved the same pressure consistently in every shot is the more practical benefit.

    About Rossas, they are the real deal as many has mentioned. It is slower to use compared to a machine (but that takes a long heat up time), and even slower to produce many coffee in a row (doable though). But the shot quality from Rossa is bar none. It is a no-compromise espresso quality as Ross (the inventor) has envisioned. I have used many machines (more than I like to admit) that costs thousands, the shot quality from the Rossa always hold its forte every time and thus becomes my gold standard for comparison. If you make no more than two shots in a session and can't have a full machine(for the convenience factor), or requires the portability, the Rossa is unmatched in my humble opinion.

    Rossas are built with the highest quality material and can last forever (no built-in or planned obsolescence). But you do need to give it the proper maintenance. That means don't let it fall on the floor, and if you have the aluminium version, you have to dry them thoroughly after each use. I have the aluminium version for weight reason and prefer aluminium to brass (alu requires more care but seems more odor neutral). They are still as good as I first received it.

    Quote Originally Posted by landodafree View Post
    but I'd appreciate it if we could keep the discussion to dispassionate comparisons
    I hope I was able to do that (or not). It's hard to be completely dispassionate because the Rossa (PG) is really that good. The Rok is a good value, but the Rossa is on a whole another level.

    The above was mainly spoken with Rossa PG in mind. But the Rossa HC is also equally excellent in build quality, can achieve same great shot quality and extremely portable. But for my use/experience, I do find I get a bit more shot-to-shot consistency with the PG, and a completely mess-free clean up in comparison. Much less learning curve on the PG as well (I get good shots right off the bat whereas the HC requires some 'practice'). You get a nice solid dry puck with PG, but on the HC it can be a bit wet requiring more thought/effort in cleaning up. The great thing about HC is you can operate without a gauge and keep the experience more zen-like if you wish to. Because it requires no separate pump, it's a compact self-contained device so extremely portable(but pretty hefty @ ~1kg! slightly less without the gauge adapter).
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    Thanks very much! This is very helpful feedback.



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