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Thread: Abel Kone 3 mesh filter for V60--any feedback appreciated!

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    Abel Kone 3 mesh filter for V60--any feedback appreciated!

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    I have been pondering buying a mesh filter for my V60 and Clever dripper, I am not a huge fan of paper filters. Have any CS'ers tried mesh filters, I love the brew from my Hario Next syphon using the metal filter, it produces a rich juicy brew with minimum fines.
    Any feedback would be appreciated!!
    cheers Trevor
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    If the holes in this are the same as the Hario mesh I would imagine the brew would taste similar? Sorry no direct experience though.

    Another interesting item I have noticed is a tea brewer, same operation as the Clever Coffee Dripper but has inbuilt mesh. Thinking this should be able to be used for coffee and no need for seperate filters. Not sure if the mesh is too course to let fines through?


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    Hi - my wife and I recently bought the Kone 3 with a Chemex 6 cup. A little bit of fines comes through as it is just a mesh screen.
    But it is really clean up and a great coffee. Loving it. Just trying to work out what is the max i can put through it in one go.
    As I have the 6 cup chemex I feel when I max it out it is over extracted. I might just follow their recommended of 750ml to 45g of coffee.
    When I do less amount like 400 ml or 500ml it is really nice cup and easy to use and clean.

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    I have the Kone wire mesh filter. I luv it. The main difference between mesh and paper filters is that mesh filters let more of the coffee oils through. I like my cup with the fuller bodied taste with coffee oils. Others that like a cleaner more refined cup tend to stick to paper filters. I've used my Kone filter for years .. luv it. I bought 1 box of paper filters when I bought the V60, but to this day have more than half the filters left ... personal preference I would say.

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