Hey Guys,

I've been skirting around the edges for a while. I've dabbled in a bit of everything from home roasting with the old bread machine and heat gun, pumping through my old Gaggia Dose to now enjoying someone else's coffee through a newly acquired second hand Rancilio Silvia with PID.

I also get out camping regularly, and love my coffee and as such have found myself collecting a range of 'unplugged' appliances.

I started with the ROK, coupled with a Bellman Steamer, Porlex Tall Grinder and Jetboil (for when the stove wasn't set up)
The ROK process took a bit of getting used to, but at Easter, I managed to make 8 people great coffee every morning. With the help of a Bellman Steamer.

I did decide, however, that the ROK / Bellman combo is more suitable for the 2 - 3-night camps rather than the overnighter.

Next step, I picked up a Wacaco minipresso. Coupled with the Porlex grinder. This is a good combo for quick Espresso shots, though still needs boiling water.
For a day trip, perfect to pack a quality thermos with boiling water in the morning, and pull a half decent shot, whether I am out on the adventure bike or 4WDing.

And finally, I added a Bellman CX-25P, and so far am really impressed with the results.
This is a great little all in one unit for milk based coffee, either coupled with the stove of Jetboil, I can pull 2 - 3 really good shots before running the steam wand for some seriously good micro-foam.

Conclusion... I am keeping them all.

Minipresso - day trips, through it and a thermos in.. and off you go.
Bellman CX-25P - One-night camping trips. Through this in with the Jetboil and Porlex.
ROK / Bellman Combo - Just for fun on weekends, and for longer camping trips.

As much as I love it, if one had to go... it would probably be the ROK

Hope this is helpful for others out there tossing up how to enjoy espresso away from home.