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Thread: Minipresso NS

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    Minipresso NS

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    Anyone have any experience with the Minipresso NS version? This is the one that uses nespresso capsules.

    I'm looking at relatively low cost options for camping (other than instant... is that even coffee?), and came across these devices. The thing i like about the NS version is it solves the problem of needing to find a hand grinder, or take pre ground beans. For power free camping, this will be a lot simpler and easier to clean up etc.

    I read on the Minipresso thread referring to the GR version that some people have had issues with the device breaking after only a few uses. Does this version suffer the same problem?

    Can this use capsules other than Nespresso?

    Also, i will do a search for camping options, but i like milk in my coffee. how do people do their milk? stovetop will be the only source of heat.


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    Aeropress and one of those whisks?
    If you are considering capsules because you dont want to take a grinder then why not grind some coffee in advance. Be fresher than capsules and taste better.

    You can tip your spent grinds out on the ground. Capsules will have to be carried back out.
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    Well since I've given my Oldman his for Father's Day he uses it nightly instead of commercial machine and it hasn't broken down yet. He loves the short black it gives him and he jokes about dropping the gym membership as you generally have to pump it 15-20 times per shot. But yes this is a GR as he has a grinder handy when using it... I was interested into seeing how the NS works as it has to punch holes on either side of the pod?

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