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Thread: Cona Junior

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    Cona Junior

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    Now that I'm back roasting and brewing (after several years away from the Snobs due to sinus problems) I'd like to pay tribute to a very special device: my late lamented Cona Junior Vacpot. While I'm happy enough with a popper and and aeropress, and the occasional moka pot brew, I really miss the perfect performance of the Cona. In it I could make a single long black by simply placing it flat on a cast iron pan over an electric element and I never had to worry about the push-up or draw-down, even when the Rocky was stuck on one setting which was theoretically too fine for vacpot. Glass was the only filter.

    I finally broke the fragile little thing when disassembling and pulling the top away too hastily while there was still some pressure left inside. I have a larger, thicker old American vacpot with a wide mouth. It works okay if I fiddle the grind right and keep fingers crossed...but to tell you the truth I'd just as soon aeropress now.

    So treasure that Cona!
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    I rarely use it as you canít make coffee for just one in it, but I do love my Cona Classic and itís one device that will be with me for the long haul. The Junior is obviously a smaller version of the same thing. I didnít realise it existed so I must go check it out.

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