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Thread: OE Lido 2- loving it for my office!

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    OE Lido 2- loving it for my office!

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    This is just a quick shout-out to say how much I am enjoying my OE Lido 2 that I bought second -hand recently.
    At home I've got a Giotto, Compak grinder and Behmor roaster, which I love, but I've been through any number of iterations for coffee at work and holidays.
    I've tried v60, minipresso, plunger and aeropress and settled in the aeropress as the best office use - fast, consistent, no mess. Pourovers need constant attention which I can't guarantee I can provide while chatting in the office kitchen.
    I previously have tried using a Porlex Mini and Hario Skerton grinder but they just take too long and need too much effort to use twice a day for a quick cuppa.
    My most recent solution has been to grind a small container of coffee at home every morning and take that in. Not ideal since its still on a fine espresso grind and is a few hours old by the time I make my afternoon cuppa.

    But now, enter the Lido! I can't believe how fast and effortless it is to grind a serve of coffee for the aeropress, and how much better this takes than what I had previously settled for. I'm a very happy man, twice a day!

    The only downside is the static and needing to use the aeropress funnel for the ground beans. Maybe something like the aergrind is in the cards for the future, but otherwise I would thoroughly recommend a lido to anyone who has struggled and given up on a basic grinder.
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    can confirm! have been using the aeropress and gen 1 OE Lido at the office every morning for a few years now

    i think the lido 2 still uses the same glass jar? to solve the static problem, after grinding i usually tap the jar and give it a swirl (imagine swirling a cup with some water in it), this is with the jar removed from the grinder that is

    Then just empty the grounds into the waiting aeropress and very little fines remain in the jar with most of the grounds nicely waiting in the aeropress

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