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Thread: Flair Espresso and what beans?

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    Flair Espresso and what beans?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have a subscription with BayBeans. Very happy with the coffee and lean towards the darker more intense roasts such as Espresso Master and Super Crema with a Moka Pot and French Press. Am just about to treat myself to a Flair and am wondering if anyone could help suggest what would be the most forgiving/best suited bean for me to pair with it and a Lido 3?

    Thanks so much.
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    Havent purchased my flair yet, to pair with a lido e. Will be interested in hearing your thoughts on this setup

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    Hey Jackster,

    It took me 5 tries to dial in the grinder. Had never attempted espresso grind with it. In the end I have come to 3 notches past true zero. It seems to be the right spot for us. 1st attempt was at 1 notch and I couldn't even pull the shot. It is certainly a bit more exercise than grinding for french press... 1 notch was hell though I had a laugh. 3 is doable. I grind 30-32grams for a double shot and can prepare and pull 2 shots in 10mins including the kettle boil. It is a little bit of a process but that is what I love about manual coffee making.

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    I've just purchased a Flair and paired it with a Lido E-T.

    Background: I have a Rancilio Silvia with a Eureka Atom for mostly milk based drinks although occasionally I'll have an espresso.

    My method to dialing in was very unscientific.
    Note: I'd already messed up the zero position that the E-T's apparently come from factory in by playing with it before I read the instructions so I simply aligned the black mark on the adjustment ring with the mark between the coarse/fine indicators as my 'zero'.
    I'd read somewhere that the Flair typically needs a finer grind than a normal espresso machine so I adjusted the E-T to 2 marks coarser (so the burrs wouldn't be touching) and compared the grind to the normal output from my Atom. It was certainly finer so I tried my first shot at 16g but it required a bit too much force to get the coffee extracted and the result in the cup looked awful.

    I adjusted it by another full notch and pulled another 16g shot and it was quite drinkable... another adjustment by .5 and have attached a photo of the output.
    It was very tasty and (to my inexperienced palette) comparable to shots I've had from Toby's Estate (I think now known as Brewtown Melbourne).

    I must say I'm quite impressed... will be taking it travelling soon and that'll be the real test.
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