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Thread: Possibility to get 2 shots from a portaspresso

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    Possibility to get 2 shots from a portaspresso

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    Hi guys, Iíve had a portaspresso PG for a few years now and am really happy with it. The only thing I donít like is that I get a single cup out of each extraction. I would love to pour 2 shots at the same time and was wondering if anyone has managed to regularly get 2 shots out of a single extraction and what you do to achieve it.

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    Are you talking about splitting the shot out of a standard basket? I had talked about this with Ross and he mentions that he just has two cups and goes between the two depending on the part of the shot. I have been thinking about splitting the shot and looking for a double spout or an second hand portafilter with the double spout and mounting it to a stand. Then I could pour the shot into it and split it into cups underneath.

    I haven't tried it yet though.

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