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Thread: V60 Brewing with Kruve

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    V60 Brewing with Kruve

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    Hey All,

    I've got a V60 (one-cup) which I use alongside a Helor 101 (New toy - woohoo!) and a Kruve Sifter (400-800 μm).

    One of the biggest problems I seem to find, is that when I'm using the Kruve, the last ~50ml seems to take forever to drain, almost like the filter is blocked up. Has anyone had any similar experiences using a Kruve?

    Also, I can never get the taste to quite match what I get when I'm out (I know they have EK43's but still... somewhat close would be nice). Any pro-tips for my brews?


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    This is a feature of the newer v60 filters with the tab generally in plastic package. The old ones in boxes without tab drain much better.

    You need to compensate with a slightly coarser grind about 3.5 revolution on helor. Use water straight off the boil and pour all your water in one go faster. First pour / stir / bloom 25sec. Longer bloom times will result in getting stuck at the end.

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    I have not had any problems with the Kruve whatsoever I have three grinders a Ceado E6 (espresso), a Barratza Encore (siphon, and French Press), and a Lido E-T (travel with a mypressi and Aeropress). I was one of the original backers and have been using since launch. I have the Sifter 12 because I make so many different types of coffee.

    I will pay attention for the next few days and see though as maybe I have not been paying enough attention. If I notice that I do have some stoppage I will post in this forum in the next few days.

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    Could definitely be this - they are the newer style with tabs. Will give it a go slightly coarser and see how it goes!

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    yeah the new filters increase the drawdown time. try track down the packs of 40 in cardboard boxes - not the packs of 100 in plastic bags.
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