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Thread: latest silvia or prev. model

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    latest silvia or prev. model

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    Hi this is my first post on here. Im thinking about buying a silvia, but I wanted to know if overall the newest model thats been released is better than the previous one. I remember reading somewhere that they did make some important changes with the new model, but I dont remember what they were. However, having the boiler and heating element as separate components seems like a strong advantage to me on the older model. What do people here think? Thanks for the help!

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    Re: latest silvia or prev. model



    I havent tried a newer Silvia so take these comments acccordingly.

    IIRC the changes in latest silvia [2007/2008-ish] are mainly cosmetic: Different style drip tray and Chromed plastic group surround.

    I have also read that the brew thermostat was changed from 110C to 100C but have not confirmed this for myself [could also be US models only or something like that]
    If this is the case, I dont imagine it would cause significant changes in the cup on the proviso you would pull the shot at a different point in the cycle.

    I thought that the combined boiler+heating element changes were made in an earlier incarnation to the latest model.
    In mine [2004/5] they are seperatable, so the change would lie somewhere between that and the latest model.

    Therefore, the advantage you mention is somewhat offset by having to source and buy a relatively used machine [>2+ years] and of course, unless it comes from a fellow snobber you wont really know/trust its history.

    In anycase:
    If you use the machine properly: ie prime the boiler following steaming, dont leave it on in steam cycle for long periods of time, tighten the steamvalve at the beginning of each session and descale in accordance with your water quality ...... you should NEVER have element issues.

    If $$$ are not your main driver, then the most significant advantage is the support + backup gained by purchasing a new machine from a reputable dealer [ie site sponsor] .

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    Re: latest silvia or prev. model

    Quote Originally Posted by reubster link=1228770915/0#1 date=1228788067
    IIRC the changes in latest silvia [2007/2008-ish] are mainly cosmetic: Different style drip tray and Chromed plastic group surround.
    Youre forgetting about the most important change - the adjustable OPV. This makes it much easier to adjust the brew pressure, which you will probably want to do because the Silvia comes shipped with the pressure set somewhat higher than ideal.

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    Re: latest silvia or prev. model

    Silvias post-2007 can also accept pod filters, although I have no idea who seels them or if theyre any good, and Im not intending to find out either. Just something more to think about I suppose :D

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