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Thread: Noob checking in.

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    Noob checking in.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just wanted to post up here and say thanks as Ive spent a while trolling thru all the various posts as to which machine to buy.
    From all the helpful information here I ended up with a Sunbeam 6910 which I got for $545 from Harvey Norman. With the extra $30 Sunbeam cashback $515 sounded pretty good. I ended up spending $40 on an extra 2 year warranty, normally I wouldnt have but I have read many posts regarding faults with these machines. Fingers crossed I wont need it.
    Couldnt really bring myself to spend the extra $300 to get the Silvia although I probably would have preferred it, if only because of the lower noise. I doubt it will get used while my 10month old is asleep.

    Great source of info here. This being our first ever coffee machine Im sure Ill be on regurlarly.

    Cheers to buy a grinder

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    Re: Noob checking in.

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    $40 for 2 extra years sounds like a good deal.
    I saw the figures on my last repair and the labour costs alone were about $70.
    There was the cost of two parts on top of that.

    Dont penny pinch on the grinder.

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    Re: Noob checking in.

    And dont not brew because of a sleeping baby - the more noise you make, the more accustomed to it they get so that you dont have to tiptoe around later on.

    The grinder I find is a noisy one and has been known to wake Dad up, though (although thats probably more to do with the anticipation of the coffee, more than anything else. Im slowly turning him into an addict! [smiley=evil.gif]

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    Re: Noob checking in.

    When my son was little I remember him sleeping in front of the stereo speakers at the house of a friend we were visiting.
    He has since slept through an earthquake (a small one).
    I second Hoyks advice; if you cotton wool them they become too delicate.

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