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Thread: Gaggia Titanium super automatic

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    Gaggia Titanium super automatic

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all Well I know this topic might shock some purists( I know I was supprised)
    But after selling my beloved silvia & rocky combo I was tossing up what to get next I wanted a dual boiler machine or heat exchanger but due to un forseen circumstances my budget was restricted. I dont know weather it was coffee withdrawal or temp insanity but I saw the Gaggia Titanium on sale at Hardly Normals for $899- just about my budget & at $1000 off rrp
    I couldnt resist so 1 week later & a few adjustments & some fresh beans & I am verry happy with this machine. Whilst it doesnt produce the depth of flavour as the Silvia It is quick & simple & can produce consistantly good coffee & due to s/steel lines dual thermoblocks I have steam instantly.
    I just steam the milk 1st for my cappa the put the cup under the dispenser press a button & presto cappas done.
    Due to being able to adjust dose & grind & extraction time I can adjust to suit the bean
    & once set it is a verry quick process.

    Time will tell if this machine will last but so far so good :)

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    Re: Gaggia Titanium super automatic

    schultzy, I had to take a Bex and have a good lie down" after reading your post!!!

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