As I was washing the portafilter with its Synesso basket today, I checked the fit of my Pullman Barista tamper to the original VBM Domobar (Piccolo) basket and found that it was an exact fit. Yippee, now I have two double baskets that fit!

I held the Synesso and the VBM up to the light and compared the shapes. They are identical as far as I can determine by eye. I did notice that the holes in the VBM are actually smaller than the ones in the Synesso, and this seemed strange since a couple of the reviews of the Synesso baskets made much of their smaller holes contributing to the quality of the coffee.

So...I put the VBM basket back in the portafilter, let it heat up, and did a taste test.

I prefer the VBM basket. I reckon the coffee is sweeter and the SO flavours come through better--with both the Monsoon Malabar and the Gambella Natural.

The Synesso basket went back in the drawer and the VBM basket is back on the machine.