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Thread: Newbie - Saeco Magic...any good?

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    Newbie - Saeco Magic...any good?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have been looking to get my first machine / grinder, and after lots of research was going for a Rocky grinder and rancillio - and thanks for the previous replies - but have just been offered a Saeco Magic for $150. Are they any good? I would prefer a semi-automatic, but this seems like it might be worth a try to start. Is it possible to use your own grinder with it? I will be mainly making lattes, so the milk frothing, etc. is important for me.

    Thanks for your time.

    Cheers! Jenny

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    Re:  Newbie - Saeco Magic...any good?

    Hi jenmari,
    I am new to this site, this is actually my first post. I have recently joined as I am looking to upgrade from a Saeco magic. We have had it for a few years now and I would say it has been repaired at least four times. It has broken again hence the move to a new machine I am fed up. The boiler has gone three times.
    My sister has one and a good friend has one and the are both very dissapointed in the machines and the resultant coffee.
    You may well be blowing $150.00 that you could put towards something that makes a decent cup.

    You can grind your own coffee and put in in the machine if you wish. I also did this but the coffee was never very good and I used very good beans from my local roaster .

    This is just my humble opinion.
    Good luck.


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    Re:  Newbie - Saeco Magic...any good?

    Hmmmmmm.... Im going to use an analogy here:

    So you drive into a car dealership looking to purchase a Volvo SUV.

    The salesperson says: "you know, this is your first SUV right?, why dont you

    try out this trade in HYUNDAI SUV instead"

    Um....Dont waste your money. Get the Rancilio & Rocky, then add a PID to
    your Rancilio later on. Search the blogs here for PID if your unfamiliar w/the term.


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    Re:  Newbie - Saeco Magic...any good?

    Yeah, absolutely what the others said above, dont buy the Saeco.
    Many users report them to be unreliable,
    and they dont make coffee (brewing and steaming) anything like what Silvia can do.


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