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Thread: buying rancilio silvia

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    buying rancilio silvia

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    if I were to buy a Rancilio Silvia how can I tell or what are the telltale signs that I am getting the latest one since they been around for years and I expect there are modification after their first release. Thanks.

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    Re: buying rancilio silvia


    This question is best for the Brewing Equipment forum so I expect a mod will move it. But to answer the question to the best of my knowledge:

    * The newest ones (~2007 onwards) have a tapered chrome plastic group surround and two different patterns on the drip tray. It also has an adjustable over-pressure valve (internally) and a non-replaceable element - whole boiler must be replaced if the element goes
    * The ones before that back to about 2000 or thereabouts have a metal vertical group surround and a drip tray with just circles punched out. Some elements are replaceable, not sure when this change was made
    * Pre-2000s (approx) have sikscreened "Rancilio Silvia" on the front of the unit instead of the silver on black Rancilio badge, and a domestic portafilter which has a straight fluted handle
    * The really early ones apparently had a brown bakelite or something handle but I dont think youll see many of those around.


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