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Thread: Gaggia Classic Newbie

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    Gaggia Classic Newbie

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all,

    It all started when my wife lost the olive and ferrel from our Gaggia Classic turbo frother....down the sink. (little parts that hold the plastic knob onto the steam wand) and our plastic tamper but i think that went in the bin.
    Anyway, I was looking for the replacement parts for our coffee machine and stumbled across the coffeesnobs forums in particular the steam wand mod for our classic....ordered the parts yesterday and installed today and made some micro froth instead of massive dirty old froth!!
    Im pretty happy that the parts were originally lost because otherwise I would never have found these forums and our coffee machine would never have the potential it now has.
    The difference is amazing!
    My wife thinks i now have a crazy obsession by modifying our coffee machine and talking coffee all the time. I feel she bought in on herself when the original parts went missing!
    Still have lots to learn though!


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    Re: Gaggia Classic Newbie

    Welcome to CS Sandman, sounds like youve got the bug already, the never-ending quest for a better coffee will consume you, temped by the passionate members of this forum parading all of their shiny objects and latest modifications in front of you. Home roasting must be just around the corner??
    Enjoy your coffee

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Newbie

    search the links for "PID", "Bottomless Portafilter" "Adjust OPV on a Gaggia Classic"

    "Espro Tamper" "Espro Toroid Steaming Pitcher"

    They make PID kits for your classic now.

    if you think your drinks taste better now wait till you modify your machine with

    these adjustments. You will never look back...Never.

    ps. Pick up a digital thermometer to monitor your milk temps and water temps
    from the grouphead.

    Its a wild ride. My wife just agreed to spending $2000.00 on a new machine.

    Go figure :)

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Newbie

    Bin best place for the plastic tamper. Get a good tamper and pour will be so much better!!!!

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Newbie

    Just got a compact design tamper!
    With a rubber handle so we can give it a little tappy
    Its a lot better than pushing it down with a measuring spoon
    Havnt heard much about compact design in my short time of being a coffeesnob but i think its quite a reasonable product

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