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Thread: Gaggia Classic Shower Head screw stuck

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    Gaggia Classic Shower Head screw stuck

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Finally decided time to give her a clean. Went to remove the Shower Screen (done before and no worries), but the screw is not moving! Have tried ice and WD 40 on the screw, but it just wont move :(
    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Shower Head screw stuck

    I had this problem with my nachine and it drove me mad. I tried everything to get the thing off, as I had done previously. My machine was due to go for a service as I just do not have the time or the confidence to do it myself, so I took it in for a service and the service technician got the blasted thing off.

    How long have you had your Classic? It really needs to go in for a service on a regular basis. At least every 9 to 12 months, depening on how much it is used. Even if its to get the gaskets etc changed and to give it a good clean out.

    Also, make sure you descale it with cafetto at least once a month.

    If you are in Adelaide pm me and I will give you the contact number of the guy I trust with my machine.

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Shower Head screw stuck

    I had this problem - I ordered a new screw,along with a gasket from a sponsor, the screw was all of $2 or something, so make sure you order some other stuff to make the postage worth while!

    I ended up pulling the Classic to bits, and then got the angle grinder out an gently, very, very gently, took the head off the screw.

    Once I had the shower screen off, I used an allen key to pull the (not sure what it is called) off. It is a big circular hunk of metal that the shower screen screws into. Once I got the screen off, that circular bit, I put that on the drill-press, with a drill-bit a couple of mm sizes smaller than the hole, and it drilled straight out.

    You need to be very, very slow about the whole thing, as the metal is very soft, but it is possible.

    The only other piece of advice I can give you is to give it one good hard rip. I tried but failed. What I did was spray the screw full of WD40, lay the machine on its side and then give it your best shot. It may well come out if you are lucky.

    If not, like me, you need to go the angle grinder and drill-press route!

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    Re: Gaggia Classic Shower Head screw stuck

    The best tool to use for this is an impact driver which will cause absolutely no damage but you need to pull the boiler out of the machine to get enough clearance to use it.

    The showerscreen screw and also the dispersion disc bolts (which fortunately have hex heads) only need to be lightly done up - as soon as they have bottomed on the threads is enough and the thermal expansion and contaction cycles will not allow them to work loose.

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