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Thread: Coffee amateur seeks advice from 6910 users.

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    Coffee amateur seeks advice from 6910 users.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Dear coffee ‘snobs’ ;)

    I drafted a detailed post than thought about how horrible long winded posts are, so please find below some brief comments:

    I know nothing about making coffee.

    My wife loves coffee and I want to help her with her new machine.

    She had a Saeco Incanto Deluxe but it broke just out of warranty so she replaced it with a Sunbeam EM 6910 (the sunbeam makes better tasting coffee anyway).

    Could you kind people please provide some advice on the following?

    1) How would you get the machine to deliver a 30 ml espresso shot into a single cup? *Changing to the single pour spout seems like too much trouble, and although the machine says its pre programmed to deliver 30 mls, it appears this is per cup assuming you always make 2 cups.

    2) After the first use the group handle doesn’t seem to go into the group head easily. *There can be a strong imprint of the shower screen on the puck pre extraction indicating overfilling, despite us providing at least 3 mm below the rim of the basket as advised by the manual. *We can get a better result by filling the basket even less, but the group handle can be really hard to turn. *It almost feels like the shower screen is too low? *The group handle turns smoothly and locks in facing straight out of the machine when empty. *Anyone else experience anything like this?

    Thankyou kindly for any advice you can offer with using this machine.

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    Re: Coffee amateur seeks advice from 6910 users.

    Hi Ash,

    Firstly, you could use the single basket with the double spout, it just means your cup would need to be wide enough to capture both streams of coffee. However, most people here dont bother with the single basket as getting a good coffee out of it is a bit more fiddly.

    What I often do if I am only making coffee for myself is either have a double (why not!) or I taste the second shot without milk as it helps you to tell what (if anything) went wrong. The milk tends to cover over any mistakes in your extraction.

    If you are finding the group handle difficult to lock in to place, it means you are over filling. the newer 6910s have a lower showerhead, which means you need to play around with the fill level until you get it just right. When you can lock the group handle in without any resistance, remove it before pulling the shot and see a very slight imprint of the showerhead screw on the dry puck, then you know youve got the level *just* right. You could even back off a 10th of a mm and you should be right.


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    Re: Coffee amateur seeks advice from 6910 users.

    Im only new to it too...

    I used to use the single basket all the time, and actually pulled good shots with it, however they were very small and didnt extract for long before blonding.

    I now use the double basket, and usually pull about 25 ml from it and shut it off.

    I grind into the PF, light tamp to level, then grind again until full and final tamp. The sunbeam tamper should have about half of its "metal" hidden in the PF when youve done a final tamp. approx 3mm.

    Sometimes when locking in, mine is a little tight. As long as it locks in to approx 6oclock or more, you shouldnt have any leakage. Actually sometimes up-dosing provides an even nicer shot.

    Just stick with the double spout, and extract into a single cup. Like ACog, I like to sometimes pull an espresso and make a milk drink at the same time. I find myself drinking a lot more espresso than milk drinks lately anyway. (especially if i have really nice beans!)

    Stick with it and youll get there. Go to the sunbeam coffee school if you just got a new machine, (free to attend). Make your booking online. It primarily covers correct dosing, extraction, and cleaning of your machine.

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    Re: Coffee amateur seeks advice from 6910 users.

    What is important is that before any detailed advice, you advise us of;

    These 3 things as they can change how you machine operates, far greater than many think... *So please hep us to help you...

    1: What type of grinder ?
    2: What type of beans and where do you get them from ?
    3: Which PF are you using - Single or double floor... *ie. can you see lots of holes or not ?

    Then take some time to READ the manual... *

    A: You can change the program for length of pour etc...

    B: Cleaning etc *must be done

    C: Correct quality water will assist you greatly

    After that spend a little time reading any number of posts here *many times the same question or problem has been answered over and over...

    Watch the SB DVD and do the SB training.

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