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Thread: My Oscar

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    My Oscar

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I just bought a used Nuevo Simonelli Oscar, and cant pull good shots....thin, weak, barely hot and noooooo crema. The guy that I bought it from claims that I am not using the right grind.....I have been using a Cuisanart grinder that I bought brand new....any thoughts out there?

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    Re: My Oscar

    Can you give the model of the Cusinart grinder?

    Also, how long does it take for your shots to extract (time taken for 60ml from a double basket from turning on the brew switch)?

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    Re: My Oscar

    Go back to your basics.

    1. how old is the coffee?
    2. Is your machine on for for than 20mim (with the handle in the group head)
    3. Start timing your shots 30ml in 30 sec in singles.



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    Re: My Oscar

    Apart from what Renzo suggests and they are certainly starting points, the Cuisinart grinder is not going to produce the best results for espresso grinding.

    You need a better grinder than the Cuisinart, but in the meantime, try different grinds starting with the finest and observing point 3 of Renzos suggestions.

    I would suggest a home barista course to help you get the best from your machine and, while you there, you might get to try a better grinder to see if that improves your shots.

    Another thing is what condition the used Oscar is in. It may need a good clean. Id be chatting with one of the site sponsors and investing a few $s to get your machine checked.

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    Re: My Oscar

    I have had an Oscar for about three months. Thin and weak shots could be explained by:
    the grind being too coarse
    not adequately tamping
    the amount of coffee you use ( underfilling defintely results in the shot you describe).
    Barely hot is a bit unusual. I give a very short cooling flush ( about 50ml) if its been turned on for a while), and barely that between shots if making a few. When i started with mine I used stale supermarket beans. Its not possible to draw crema out of those. I got a Kompac K3 touch grinder. The machine is definitely capable of a near perfect shot with decent beans and the right grind. All of the comments made by others are valid, so unless you have a faulty machine, it probably is one of the variables mentioned. p.s. its worth persevering with, the Oscars a good home machine.

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