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Thread: EM6910 to Silvia

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    EM6910 to Silvia

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    With the issue surrounding my 6910 at the moment, it has got me thinking is this a good time to swap out of it.

    Sunbeam are sending me a few spacers to put in above the seal. The CS manager sounded quite surprised that the handle was locking in between 4 and 5 oclock (as it always has) but is sending the seals first. I am hopeful that this will fix the problem, but I have a niggle in my head that it might just be a temporary patch rather than a cure.

    I am watching an auction on NZ site trademe at the moment for a Silvia, start reserve of $500 which seems like a good price. I can probably get $300ish for the 6910, so the changeover figure may not be too bad (ofcourse it is an auction so who knows where the final price will end up).

    Reading through here, most often the Silvias and 6910a are generally thought of as equals in regards to espresso quality, with the 6910s pushed for multiple milk drinks and the silvias for black and / or small quantities of milk drinks.

    Both my wife and I drink predominantly milk drinks. Usually I make 1 latte each in the morning, then on weekends it may make a few more throughout the coarse of the day.

    We dont tend to entertain much so making multiple drinks isnt a big concern.

    Would the step to the Silvia be pretty much a sideways step (in terms of pure drink quality) but if it didnt cost that much, a sensible one (in light of the Sunbeams issues) or am I better off to drive the SB till it really dies (hopefully another 12 months or so) and then splash out the cash (if we have it to splash) on something better (HX and new grinder possibly)


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    Re: EM6910 to Silvia

    gday Sen,

    I havent owned either, but have used both of them from time to time.

    The silvia is a much better long term prospect, as you realize. It also copes fine with 2 to 4 regular milk based drinks.

    However, if budget allows you to upgrade in the next year to an HX and decent grinder then theres no contest. If it were me, id us the SB till she died and save the cash you can till you upgrade.

    The silvia will cope with most of your current usage but the HX will do it better and allow for increased volume in the future (when the news spreads) ;)


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    Re: EM6910 to Silvia

    One of teh guys at work has a Silvia and he has also used my old 6910 that we use here..

    He has commented that the userbility of teh SB is not to be tossed aside. On further discussion he commented as per many others on CS that the Silvia is a stronger built unit.... But does require some extra care and attention as to pulling shots and Milk drinks etc..

    He was looking at a PID, but indicated that he would rather take a full step forward, rather than only go part way.. He was suggesting that he may pass his unit on to his eldest son..

    His wife, is not a CS and thus not so interested in using the Silvia, but he commented that she would use the SB....

    If your still paying HN... I would go with the SB and persist untill it falls over and or upgraditius can not be keep under control. That way you may be in a better position and you may well have any number of options.. PID Silvia, HX and or ???

    Hang in there...

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    Re: EM6910 to Silvia


    I am inclined to drive her till she dies.

    The new spacers will hopefully arrive from sunbeam in the next few days.

    Managed to get through this mornings coffees with no spillage / seepage using just the cardboard spacer I made last night, so it should suffice until the proper ones arrive, then will replace with that.

    If (as you mentioned in your PM) the group head is one of the heavier ones (presumabely stronger), then hopefully the spacer (any my now consistent lower dose) will help keep the SB tracking for a while.

    Ultimately, I would like to put in a 1 or 2 group plummed in commercial machine when we build our new house (maybe 12 - 18 months away - depending on the banks) so if it can survive till then, all well and good.

    Wouldnt want to pass on something to someone else that would cause issues, I just couldnt do that in good faith.

    Whats the saying - champagne tastes, beer budget..


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