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Thread: nemox v anything else

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    nemox v anything else

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi I know everyone is sick of which machine to buy but i would love to learn from everyone here. After much forum surfing I realised my paltry budget for my new machine was not going to cut it - I currently have a Krups and totally agree with the notion that the u should really be an A. I recently picked up a Sunbeam EM0480 off the 4sale threads here so i am happy with this as a grinder. Now my wife and i normally only drink lattes but i also enjoy a nice short black every now and then.

    I was initially looking at Breville Ikons on ebay but i think this may be short changing myself. I think i need to step up and i am at the SB 6910/Nemox Fenice/Gaggia Classic sort of price range - I cannot justify stepping up to the Silvia as much as i would like to.

    After all my research it seems that the Nemox might be the way to go with these machines - I can see that one of the site sponsors sells it at a price less than i could get either of the other machines. Whilst i would love the ability to steam and pour at the same time with the SB i kind of like the idea of having a boiler rather than a thermoblock.

    The Nemox machines do not seem all that common and I was wondering if people have had good/bad experiences with them and if i am taking too big a risk getting an uncommon machine. The number of 6910 posts with problems also concerns me a bit.

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    Re: nemox v anything else

    Welcome Ash...... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

    They are actually more common than you might first realise as they are also sold under several different "badges", e.g. Quaha, Imat and a couple of others that I cant remember off the top of my head. They are an excellent machine mate and very close in performance to the Silvia at a fraction of the cost. I owned and used an Imat Mokita for a number of years, eventually fitted a PID Controller to it and a couple of other minor mods and in my opinion, produced some of the best coffee Ive ever tasted anywhere.

    If these machines could be said to have a fault, it is their use of a short-ish Steam Wand that has a Pannarello(Froth Enhancer) fitted; theyre not the only ones to do this of course, many other (well known) manufacturers also do so. Its by no means a death knell though. Quite a few owners have ditched the Pannarello and extended the Wand to a length similar to that of a Silvia and then never looked back. You can still produce great microfoam with the original Wand minus the Pannarello but can be quite difficult to do in larger pitchers, due to the shortness without the Pannarello. I never found it to be a big hassle really, just acquired a number of pitcher sizes to suit the quantity of milk being textured and it was then dead easy.

    Anyway, highly recommend these machines as an entry level into the world of espresso, you wont be sorry. Certainly a much better proposition than a Sunbeam of any description and will last you a lifetime with the application of basic maintenance. Hope this is helpful, all the best.... :)


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