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Thread: Gaggia Baby Twin

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    Gaggia Baby Twin

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    This is my first foray into real coffee, and so far Im really happy with the machine, other than the milk frother.

    Ive seen quite a few posts about upgrading the steam wand on the Gaggia Classic, and wondered if anyone can tell me what (if any) my options are for the Baby Twin?


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    Re: Gaggia Bay Twin

    Unforunatly no it is a completed differnt design.



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    Re: Gaggia Bay Twin

    No, I investigated this when I owned a Gaggia Baby and as Renzo mentioned, the Silvia wand mod does not work for the Baby. I could not find a mod because of the way the steam arm is mounted on the Gaggia Bay.
    Someone *modded their KitchenAid (which is built by Gaggia) with a Wega steam wand but not sure if it would work with a Baby.

    Some have used the named steam arm (remove the plastic froth enhancer sleeve) tho I found it a bit too short so I worked on methods for using the froth enhancer that didnt produce really thick microfoam and didnt really succeed.

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