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Thread: Silvia and Rocky - Grind Setting

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    Silvia and Rocky - Grind Setting

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I recently purchased a Silvia and Rocky.

    Had it for about a week and have already been able to make some good coffee, including smooth, creamy, microfoamed milk on occasion. Probably due to the huge amount of research I did on Coffee Snobs before I purchased. ;D

    My question is regarding my Rocky grinder. To get the 25 second pour time I have the Rocky on setting 11. From what I have read, many people have the Rocky on around 5ish. Should I have my grind finer? My shots taste good most of the time, although occasionally a bit sour. Will my shots taste better from a finer grind? I feel like I may be missing out by not having a fine enough grind.

    I think I may be tamping too hard. I have been dosing right to the top of the basket (standard Rancilio basket) and then tamping. I have tested my tamp on a scale and the 15kg tamp I have read about doesnt seem like much force. I am tamping much harder than this, and I get a nice firm, dry, tasty looking coffee biscuit. Is the coffee supposed to be tamped quite hard?

    Im not using the plastic tamper that came with Silvia, I got a cheap 58mm stainless steel one.

    I have tried a little with finer grinds of 5 - 10 on the Rocky and Miss Silvia cant handle it, and I get either nothing or a few drops.

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    Re: Sivlia and Rocky - Grind Setting

    Sounds like the fill/grind ratio.

    On different equipment we were grinding on 15 and filling really high.

    The wife went on a course and came home and blew some beans on practising, and now we are on 7 on the grinder but 2mm less fill after tamping.

    The extraction is way way better and hitting the 25 second rule, turning to drips half way to cup etc. Remarkable improvement.

    We get a dry puck either way and use an Espro tamper which is set at 30lb (13.6 ish kg) so I would look at the combo of the other two.


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    Re: Sivlia and Rocky - Grind Setting

    Also there is variation in the grind number from grinder to grinder as not all rockys have the same zero point (burrs touching). My zero is about 4 or so and I normally (depending bean, climate etc) grind around 9-12.

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    Re: Sivlia and Rocky - Grind Setting

    My zero on my Rocky is at 0. This means you are grinding on 5-8 compared to mine.
    I tried again with Rocky on 7, filled less, and tamped with a lot less force. Silvia still choked.

    Im happy to grind on 11 or 12. I just dont want to be missing out on my coffee being the best it can be. Like I said, shots usually taste ok, I just feel they could be better and dont know if the fineness of the grind is going to make a huge difference.

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    Re: Sivlia and Rocky - Grind Setting

    Sometimes it would be better if grinders didnt have numbers, just "+" or "-".....
    Doesnt matter what the number is,
    If proper dosing technique is followed, so that dosing is consistent,
    the tamp force is not critical, but evenness of tamp is important.
    Typically with all else the same, adjusting Rocky one notch finer should increase pour time by about 15sec, with double basket.
    45sec pours are OK from the double basket .
    Dont use the single basket.

    Consistent dosing is important,
    best method I have found is to grind into basket till about half full,
    tap hand against basket to settle grinds and helps to break up the clumping a bit, then grind till about full, tap with you hand again,
    grind till a small mound is rising in the centre,
    tap vertically on the bench 2 or 3 times, grind till overfull, level off with a knife or similar, then tamp, no more than 15kg required.

    Ensure boiler is full, and the pour can sometimes take up to 15 seconds to start coming through, although about 7-10 seconds usually gives good results.

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    Re: Sivlia and Rocky - Grind Setting

    I understand the numbers arent important. My concern is that I should have my grind finer to achieve a better shot.

    I am only using the double Rancilio basket, and my boiler is always full.

    With the first lot of coffee I had, which came with the machine, I was able to get consistent pours of 25 seconds for ~30ml and they tasted ok but were a bit sour. I have since gotten some better coffee, Veneziano Pure, and the shots taste much better.
    This morning I managed to get a 20ml shot in 30 seconds with this coffee that tasted great compared to the first lot of coffee I had. Much less sourness and much fuller flavour. This shot seemed a little short at 20ml.

    From the info in the posts above I am going to keep trying with different dosing and tamping techniques as suggested, to hopefully find something that works.

    Thanks for the replies so far.

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