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Thread: Espresso delivery/flow

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    Espresso delivery/flow

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    Not sure if Im doing this right or wrong, either way the coffee that Im making is sooo much better than some of the bought ones that I have had in the past.

    But my question relates to my espresso delivery.
    Ive got a 2009 Rancilio Silvia my timing has been as follows:-
    From the time I switch the coffee button to the time it starts to flow is about 13 seconds and to fill 2 x 30ml cups takes a mere 10 seconds more. Crema is only about 2mm :(

    Im using a pullman tamper. The beans are fresh which I did a 50/50 of Ultra Delux and Peru Grace Villa Estate. Beans are ground using Iterital Challenge.

    I thought that the flow rate should be 25-30 seconds from the time the coffee starts to flow. Any thoughts/ideas ?

    Thanks, Daniel

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    Re: Espresso delivery/flow

    Sorry to be cryptic but have to go out. There is a lot of information on coffee making technique in the forum if you do a search. That should fix your problem ie sort out your technique of grind size VS dose of grinds in the filter Vs tamp.

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    Re: Espresso delivery/flow

    Quote Originally Posted by 4E595D434E4F58592A0 link=1239150598/0#0 date=1239150598
    From the time I switch the coffee button to the time it starts to flow is about 13 seconds and to fill 2 x 30ml cups takes a mere 10 seconds more.
    Nothing wrong with that
    If you want to get it closer to 25/30 seconds adjust your grind or tamp pressure

    Quote Originally Posted by 4E595D434E4F58592A0 link=1239150598/0#0 date=1239150598
    Crema is only about 2mm
    Depends on the cup you are using
    if cup is large the crema will spread and thin out
    if cup is small the crema will rise


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    Re: Espresso delivery/flow

    No this is something funny. Silvia has no form of pre-infusion at all. I find for a normal shot 5-7 seconds until I see the start of the flow and 7-10 if I am going for something particularly drippy.

    Just to rule out a variable you should also buy some beans from a reputable roaster and then work on your techniques. And once you are getting good shots start roasting again :) - so you now know if something is completely wrong and you cant get it under control it is probably the roast.

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    Re: Espresso delivery/flow

    Maybe your boiler isnt full?

    The shot water is pulled from the top of the boiler. If your boiler isnt full then when you turn on the brew switch you are filling the boiler first then the water will flow to the group head.

    Before pulling your next shot try switching on the pump. Wait to you hear the pump change sound (that is when the boiler is full), then pull your shot.

    It will always take some time before you see flow. Build pressure in the boiler, fill the space in the shower head, saturate the grinds, then your see flow.
    I generally see flow in about 3-6 sec. Longer if the grind is finer but then it will take 50 sec for 60ml. Your 13 secs to see flow and then 10 to fill 60ml does sound wrong.

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    Re: Espresso delivery/flow

    Yeah bassway has good point, when I first got my Silvia there was some long waits for the flow to start, and then if it takes only 10 sec to pour 50-60ml that sounds too fast.

    I found the steam valve had slight leak, common problem with
    Silvia, related to changes in clearances from hot to cold then back to hot again, anyway, good turn on procedure is to tweak the steam knob to make sure the valve is shut while Silvia is warming up, at same time you hit the on switch.
    (Warm up for minimum of 30 minutes, 60 is better, if the steam wand has slight leak during this period, when you first hit the brew switch, all you are doing is refilling the boiler as described above)
    Then just before brewing, ensure the boiler is full by method described above, wait for boiler to stabilise (say 1 min), then flush grouphead briefly to ensure you have fresh, hot water ready to enter for brewing ( it is not a cooling flush as required on many HX machines), if boiler is full you should see almost immediate stream of water from the brewhead. Then load your filter and go for it.
    After all this you should see first signs of pour between 5-15 seconds after hitting the brew switch, depending on grind and bean freshness, the pour should start very slowly, drippy is usually good, and can go for total of up to 45sec to get your 50-60mls. I have done pours as long as 60secs which were OK in milk drinks but not suggesting it is something to aim for. If all of the above is happening, then fresh beans should give you a lot of crema.

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    Re: Espresso delivery/flow

    Well spotted chaps. so in order to simplify for Daniel, my post above should have said:

    search the forum re coffee making technique but, also

    make sure that you primed the boiler before trying to brew coffee because,

    the delay you described can and does also happen if you did not reprime (refill) the boiler after your last steaming session. This is a must to do every time you make steam with a machine like Silvia. (Mind you, if it hasnt been done this should be picked up when you purge out the group before locking in the group handle to make coffee, so takes you back to checking you over all coffee making technique).


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