I may be able to get a refurbished model for about $500

Is it a bad idea to go for an all in one?

The reviews seem good. *Im just a bit concerned about the build quality and I have no idea how good the grinder is and the reliability of the coffee path inside the machine :-/

...or would I be better off with a Sunbeam EM0450 and an entry level manual espresso machine?

* I currently use a plunger and get a reasonable cuppa. *I love a good coffee and keep tossing up whether it is worth the time and money to go to a decent machine. *I just dont know how much better a machine coffee may be. *I dont have milk (guests may like it) and have about 5-7 cups a week. *$500 is also up the top end of what I can justify for a machine (without tasting the difference!). *Feel free to tell me to bugger off to the cheapo section *;)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!