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Thread: Descaling Brugnetti Simona Top - boiler & HX

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    Descaling Brugnetti Simona Top - boiler & HX

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    I have recently purchased a second hand Simona Top (17 years old). I am wanting to descale both the boiler and the HX but im unsure of the correct procedure. This model has no hot water tap and it appears as though the steam wand tip cannot be removed - hence a little worried about removing all traces of descaling solution &/or scale getting stuck in steam tip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Descaling Brugnetti Simona Top - boiler & HX

    Have a look at the photos on

    Whilst not in English, photos will give you an idea of what to expect when undertaking such a task.

    I would really recommend with a machine of this age really stripping it down to parts and giving everything a good clean in an acid bath rather than just running descaler in situ. So there is no need to worry about scale getting stuck in the steam wand. In any case you can take the steam wand off so no problems there.

    Its a big job if youve never attempted such work before. I bought a Brugnetti machine aged around the same (made in 94 I think), I was relatively surprised at how little scale there was in it.

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