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Thread: em6900 all this talk about the 10 wat about my 00

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    em6900 all this talk about the 10 wat about my 00

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have a 2 and a half year old 6900 and have read all the complaints about them but after this long and not a single problem i find it hard to go past it, it still is the best coffee i drink in town but this has alot to do with the freshly roasted beens i buy weekly and the time i spent getting the grind right but practise makes perfect, normal maintance and cleaning is all i do with this machine and its beautiful and i hope more people buy them because they are a wonderful machine with just enough techno to keep it simple but also manual enough to keep the true coffee addicts happy, as a side note i havent programmed that 1 and 2 cup buttons have always used the manual but thats just me
    thanks CS for ur help choosing a machine

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    Re: em6900 all this talk about the 10 wat about my 00

    Hi KA,

    I, like many other 6900/6910 owners (former or current) on this site, are happy with the quality of coffee produced by these machines. *Its great that youve had a long trouble-free relationship with your SB. *From the anecdotes on here and elsewhere it seems that many have not been so lucky.

    Now this could just be a case of a more vocal minority i.e. youre more likely to post if youve had a bad experience rather than good. *Im very happy with the quality of coffee producd by my 6910/0480 combo and have had no machine quality issues so far, although its less than a year old and Ive only owned it for 2 months myself. *

    I dont have experience with more expensive machines but would suggest the increases in quality of the end product would be minor. *The main advantages in buying a $2K+ machine are likely to be more consistency and speed when making multiple coffees (in the case of HX or dual boiler machines).

    Personally I would love a Minore III but couldnt really justify spending that sort of money, particularly as I am still mastering the equipment Ive got.

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